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I have worked with William Yu on many occasions and let me state emphatically that he is one of the best workshop instructors ever and one heck of a talented photographer too! You will enjoy your time with William and learn far more than perhaps you ever imagined in the workshops he offers!"

Bryan Peterson

Co-Founder/Photographer/Author, The Bryan Peterson School of Photography

I joined William on a workshop in March 2022 and it was a very enjoyable trip. His flexibility and desire to help all the participants was very clear. He was not at all hesitant to help all of us with photography, photoshop and/or lightroom suggestions and illustrations. I enjoyed the trip so much that on the way home I wanted to sign up for a workshop with William in Norway, but our schedules didn’t sync. I’ll be on another trip of his for sure."

Tom Erikson


I have done 3 workshops with William and they were all amazing. William is very kind and patient and is always willing to help whoever needs him. The organization of the trip is flawless, even if we need to modify anything due to weather. I highly recommend William Yu’s workshops."

Mila Mayer


The China tour was our second tour with William Yu. Our first tour was the Northern Lights in Iceland. My husband is the main photographer, but even I managed to get some great pictures with my little "point-and-shoot." William is excellent at arranging lodging and transportation as well as making sure the group experiences excellent photo opportunities. He assists with travel planning, travel visas and is extremely helpful in making sure everyone in the group has a trouble-free, enjoyable tour. William is also very helpful and instructive when it comes to various photo situations. The images we have taken often exceed our expectations. Our China tour group was only 10 people so we got to know each other well and have made some lasting friendships. We had two Chinese guides arranged for by William that made sure we had the best opportunity for stunning photos The guides and William were so attentive we got to see things the ordinary tourist doesn't see. Working with William not only improved our photography, but introduced us to new and wonderful places."

Nancy Jioras


My friends went with William to Iceland a few years ago and loved the trip. When I received information on the October 2018 Guilin and Zhangjiajie workshop in China I signed up immediately and so did my friends. William's organization was so helpful in what I needed for such a long trip. He was always willing to help with my photography if I asked. I loved that he was willing to make changes to the itinerary if needed and to even stop at a bakery that all of us wanted to stop at. Even when I received a minor injury he was willing to help carry my tripod which really impressed me. That part of China was so beautiful. In China he spoke the language which was such a help and would order the various dishes for the group meals and they were so delicious. Would definitely travel to China again with him. I was so impressed with his leadership and organization that I am going in February of 2020 on his Norway workshops. I would recommend any of his workshops."

Pam Cone


Last month my husband, daughter, 15-year old grandson and I joined William and 3 others for his tour to China and Tibet.  To say it was memorable is a huge understatement.  We experienced so many firsts, ate so many great meals, had so many laughs, and fulfilled lifelong dreams, thanks to the guidance of William and his in-country guide, Mr. Ma.  Three of us are not photographers, but we had a blast.  My photographer husband is still sorting photos!  For the grandson, this was an eye-opening life changer. We're so grateful."

Jo's blogpost about the Tibet tour from her experience and perspective. A great read! Enjoy!

Jo Wood


I have never been on a "photo tour" before. We travel a lot and I have to say it was one of the best experiences ever. Most importantly in my mind is that I thought it was well planned out - getting to the locations at the right times and I also liked that we got to go to some of the iconic locations that we see in photos (late at night when no one was there), as well as a few that we don't normally see. I felt the amount of time that we had in most locations was great. It was nice that we could as a group be somewhat flexible to stay one place a bit longer and/or go to other places when the lighting wasn't as good. I appreciated that you corralled people up when they weren't on the bus on time... but always being super nice about it. I liked that we could get to a hotel location and some people could rest, but I usually had several hours to explore the town/area on my own. The accommodations and food were all good, if not excellent. Another thing that I thought was really great was having a bus twice as big as the number of people so we had room to put all of our stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and others in the group and appreciate all that you did to put this trip together. I hope that I can shoot with you again some day."

Lorna Midice


What an amazing 10 days in Iceland. To summarize the experience in a few words will not do it justice. Both William Yu and Lurie B. gave me an experience that will stay with me forever. Both of them combined talent and knowledge about landscape photography and finding wonderful places to shoot. The local arrangements were good and the organization well done. We had plenty of time to set up, to experience and to share. This hand-on experience was good for al level of photographers. We visited some far remote places and some fun places. Shooting pieces of washed away chuck of ice from the glacier was one of the most fun highlight of the trip. Thank you to both of you for sharing your expertise and for making this a safe and fun photo tour. The group was made up of wonderful people, by the end of the trip, our group was really tight. Thank you Guys for this amazing trip. Looking forward at shooting the Northern lights in winter."

Jean-Claude Veille


The tour was fantastic - way beyond my wildest expectations. perhaps i had no idea how beautiful and picturesque iceland is; it seems like a different planet of its own!. everything was to my satisfaction - the price; the sights which i am sure we could not have seen without William and lurie; they did a good job in picking the right places; the food was delicious and excellent. The driver was great, transportation comfortable and the fact that we had 2 seats each was a big plus.

I am amazed and impressed at the photos that are all popping up in facebook. from the pictures that are being posted i continue to see different perspectives and angles i never would have seen. we all went to the same places but no two pictures are alike. i am lucky to have been with a superb group of photographers. I certainly will take a winter trip to iceland in the future. and looking forward to another learning trip with you - will try to make it to tibet at least!

Many thanks for organizing everything!"

Minnie Domingo


Earlier this year, William led a group of 10 on a marvellous and photographically rich tour of minority tribal villages in SW China. It was my first time in China. William's arrangements showed very careful preparation and a smooth liaison with his local co-guide Anton. Notably, we were impressed with Anton's ability to secure accommodation for all of us at five minutes' notice after one hotel declined to acknowledge the booking. Also, William took care to detail his co-guide to quietly offer assistance to an older member of the group. If I had any suggestions it would be to say: "Let's have a bit more time to interact and compare notes each evening." Even so, I can hardly wait to join William again!"

Anne Forbes


If you are thinking of going you should. It is an experience of a lifetime. My husband and I joined William on his September 2013 China workshop. You go to places where you would have difficulty going to on your own. We loved it."

Christel Fray


This was my first trip dedicated to photography so I was a little apprehensive about several things including the varying levels of the other participants' photography skills.

William handled all the different skill levels so well. We all received advice, assistance and a healthy dose of positive reinforcement. He was patient and reassuring while handling all our travel details, hotel accommodations, meals and many MANY questions. 

William was very knowledgeable about the area we visited and knew exactly where to go, when to be there and how long we should wait for a shot before calling it a day. The sites we visited weren't just the regular landscape and workshopist sights, we also visited markets and villagers in their homes. This was an extraordinary privilege for us to be able to do. It made the trip personal and the resulting photos are more than an improvement in skills, they are warm memories.

I'm an American expat and have lived in Asia for many years but although I have traveled extensively throughout Asia, I cannot imagine that I would ever have had an opportunity to do a trip like this. It's a hard place to reach and to even know about but William made this happen for me. I cannot wait to see what adventure is in store next because I will absolutely be singing up for it."

Becky Wong

Hong Kong


I was one of the lucky seven who was fortunate enough to go on the trip to Yunnan China offered by William Yu. It was the highlight of my year, still is. As I write this I still cannot get over how much I was able to do and see during this trip. Time travel is hard to do and that is exactly what we did. We stepped back in time and visited a place to marvel over. Yunnan is a wondrous place and William was an exceptional host, good humored, prepared, (even for the tissues to clean the utensils, thank you William) knowledgeable and generous. Photos have appeared on my computer that I would never have believed possible but for William’s help.I am very very happy that I was able to go on this trip and hope to join William on another adventure."

Joanne Martin



January, this year, I attended William's photography Workshop in Yunnan, China. What an amazingly wonderful experience - I have not stopped talking about since my return - to have a chance to photograph those beautiful rice paddies planted on terraces up in the mountains was very special, but even more special was the chance to visit the rural villages to photograph villagers as they went about their daily lives. William organized a superb photography workshop though which photography greatly improved and my world was broadened."

Sheila Wertheimer


Hello, William. My wife and I are still talking about the photo workshop, and how we can now say that we left the Shanghai "bubble" and roughed it in the Yunnan province. You hosted a great workshop, and I appreciate how open you were in not only sharing the information but also taking time to explain the concepts. Mr. Ma also definitely had a unique personality brought an interesting mix to our group"

Carl Smiley


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