Upcoming Photo Workshops:
Cypress Swamps Photo Workshop

Cypress Swamps Workshop(FULL)

Nov 12-16, 2021

Discover the beauty of the Bayou in a workshop experience that is uniquely captivating. Gliding amongst giant cypress trees hundreds of years old, branches decked with colorful foliage and adorned by the gossamer of hanging moss. As mist rises from the water of the flooded forest it creates an ethereal landscape with innumerable photographic opportunities.



Dawn at Hamnøya, Norway

Lofoten Workshop

Feb 11-18, 2022

No winter tour to Lofoten would be complete without bringing home images and experiencing the greatest magic show on Earth. The Aurora Borealis is visible, weather permitting, in Lofoten from September to April. Our second focus is capturing unique images of ice/winter, the breathtakingly beautiful and world renowned mountains, colorful fjords and pristine beaches, as well as the picturesque and authentic red Lofoten cabins. 


Iceland Winter Aurora Workshop

Feb 20-27, 2022

Join us on this 8 day workshop to photograph the amazing northern lights, glacial caves, ice beach,   waterfalls and legendary Icelandic horses at best season in Iceland. Winter is the most magical time to enjoy the unique landscapes of this volcanic island.




Utah Badlands Workshop

March 25-30, 2022

Join us on this 6 day workshop as we explore the magnificent Utah Badlands, capturing its captivating palette of colors from sunrise through to sunset – and beyond! Photograph the dramatic and rugged narrows of this mysterious place and experience the colorful hues of this untamed part of Utah with our expert guides.




Faroe Islands Workshop

July 28 – Aug 4, 2022

It’s like being in an episode of Game of Thrones. The Faroe Islands has a magnetic attraction for landscape photographers, and for a good reason. Battered by the elements, towering cliffs rise from the deep sea. Huge waves are constantly pounding the shoreline, creating amazing formations. Isolated in the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Norway and Iceland, National Geographic named the Faroe Islands the most authentic and unspoiled group of islands in the world.



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